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Emily said on Mar 15, 2013 0:26 AM

Hello! My name is Emily. I'm away with the military I'd like to find a way to get my mom a gift card of some sort to get her to a studio to record some songs on a cd if you guys could email me and let me know if and what you offer with prices it would be great! Have a wonderful day!

Carl Marangoudakis said on Nov 12, 2012 7:09 PM
Minos Cretan Association in Springfield recently held a dinner dance and Doug took care of the live audio mix. We brought Legendary performers who sell millions of CD's back home in Greece. George Xylouris & Zacharis Spyridakis. Doug came to us highly recommended from the owner of a music store, Tony of Wilbraham Music. We had never met Doug, He had never seen the room and he was not at all familiar with Greek language or Cretan Music. I can tell you that Doug is now honorary Cretan with status ! The musicians were so happy to work with him and so happy with the sound that they didn't get tired and played until 5:00am. Our Club had an amazing and historic night with legendary musicians. It was a great night for our club and we are truly thankful. The room is a rectangle with the stage on one of the long sides. Doug was able to mix the sound so perfect that it sounded amazing even outside the room ! Entering our club from the street and coming up the staircase to the ballroom the sound mix was amazing even out there ! The musicians were perfectly mixed into a sound that was perfect volume for anyone who wanted to concentrate and listen to every detail of the sound and yet we could all carry conversations without yelling. A very long night without any fatigue on the ears or throat. All of this because Doug was constantly adjusting sound from his ipad and on stage with the musicains making sure they were happy with the stage mix through their monitors. Doug we honor you and thank you for all of hard work for us it was true perfection

Daniel Predelus said on Oct 21, 2012 9:46 AM

Hi i'm looking to record a LP of (7) tracks i would like to know the pricing on this? as well as the pricing of single tracks and your other services. I am on a budget sorry to say i'm 17 but i feel as though i was meant to be a lyricist , poet , Hip Hop artist. My number for contact is 413-306-5481 thank you for your time. (P.S) Would love to get in the studio as soon as possible.

Donna-Lee DePrille said on Nov 23, 2011 7:32 AM

Doug has an excellent ear and I appreciated his exacting attention to the details of each song. He knows what instruments or vocal to highlight or soften, so you get a dynamic, balanced, clean, flavorful mix. His equipment is first rate, and the studio is comfortable and clean with a relaxed vibe that lets you inhabit the song, no matter your genre. It was an excellent experience.

John Romanelli said on Nov 13, 2011 11:56 PM

I represent the band, Plan B. We are just finishing our demo CD, which are six covers ranging from 70s to present. Working in Studio 128 has been a rewarding experience, and I think Doug Wallace (the producer in Studio 128) does a wonderful job with the recordings... We recorded a version of Van Halen's Jump, and we both remarked how much better WE sound than the original - in no small part due to Doug's excellent work! (2011 technology helps, too...) Doug is very patient with setup, is equitable with regards to cost, is flexible in times to record, and is one of the more decent and pleasant people to work with. Studio 128 is Springfield's musical gem, and those looking to record should look no further!

David McCooey Jr. AKA Real Eyez said on Aug 4, 2011 9:21 PM

Hello, My name is David "Real Eyez" McCooey, an aspiring hip hop lyricist from londonderry, vt, and long time friend of Emily Burt, whom insisted that i contact you. I was just blown away when i herd the sound quality of your studio, truly impressive! so much so that i would love to come by the studio sometime and check the place out, and possibly talk about recording my next album "Passion Apocalyptica" at your location. Ive been a lyricist for years, but the one thing i feel is really missing, is studio quality sound. Ive recorded everything i have available online in my own home, but needless to say, i am no professional, and a professional sound is what i need (as well as the professional influence and feedback of someone in your position). Here is a link to my music page, containing everything from my first album "DAVID" and 5 Demo tracks from my next upcoming release "Passion Apocalyptica": please feel free to check out some of my music at your conveniance. Im not sure what else to say other than I really look forward to checking out your studio and possibly working with you in the future. Thank You, David "Real Eyez" McCooey Jr.

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