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RECORD YOUR LIVE PERFORMANCES and listen to a CD of it on the way home from the gig! You want a Pro mix of your show? Mix it down @ Studio 128 Recording!

LIVE SOUND reinforcement is paid attention to with just as much detail as if you were at Sudio 128. "State of the Art " remote mixing is just one of the offerings that sets us apart from other "Sound Companies". FOH for Studio 128 sound techs is anywhere and everywhere your fans are, not being tied to the mixer where the room dictates console will be.

We carry a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. You can have your performance captured "LIVE" without needing additional consoles, splitter snakes or a guy in a truck outside the venue messing up your mix currently up to 32 tracks, soon 64 channel multi-track. Call for more information on services and custom options. Sound Reinforcement for Corporate functions and events also available.

Mix location?

Right where it should be.

Where your fans are!

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