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Plan B Demo
Plan B 2nd Track of 6 completed
Plan B Demo
Sifer Done with New Original Track


Aaron Porchelli, Doug Wallace recording
Donna-Lee De Prille
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Plan B
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Donna-Lee De Prille

Tracking Sessions

Donna-Lee and the boys were in the Studio all weekend laying down the rythem tracks for
their Demo CD. The band was pretty relaxed, and got a lot of work done.  19 hours goes by pretty quick when your doing what you love. Great Job Guys!  Stay tuned for quick previews.

Donna-Lee De Prille

Donna-Lee and her band will be tracking a 6 song demo in June. Shortley followed by Donna-Lee's original effort. I have had the oppertunity to sit with Donna-Lee and talk about her vision for her debut effort. Lets just say Donna-Lee fans, you may just learn a few about this seasoned performer.
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